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I am wearing Creed Aventus for the fall season. I recommend trying a skin test at Nordstrom. Spray some on your wrists, wear it around the mall, and smell it a few times over an hour. I find it to be long lasting and switches from bergamot and apple notes to birch and vanilla. Check out reviews on Fragrantica.com.

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Splendor is a light, abstract strategy board game that we got to play at our last board game night. The game is about matching gems and buying cards that are worth points. There is a small amount of defensive plays, but mostly you are trying to maximize your own position. Splendor is a fun little game that you can teach others quickly between your epic games of The Campaign for North Africa.

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Be Awesome Today

Becky got me this great sign that says, “Be Awesome Today”. The sign hangs in my office and I look at it everyday, but today I noticed something about it. The sign does not only say that we need to be awesome, but it says to do it today. Don’t put off being awesome for a later time, do it today. All that we control is now.


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Internet of Things Pittsburgh Kicks Off on the Global Internet of Things Day April 9th

I have started a new Meetup — Internet of Things Pittsburgh (#iotpgh) — this meetup is open to all steel city innovators looks to explore the emerging  Internet of Things. Join me as your host on the first meetup on April 9th at 6pm at the TechShop Pittsburgh.


In each meetup we will feature the following:

  • Current state of IoT
  • Privacy and policy Technology trends
  • Business cases
  • Open discussion
  • IoT project demos
  • Industry presentations

Follow us on Twitter using the hashtag: #iotpgh and join us on Meetup.com.

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CheerLights is Back for the Holidays #iot - Let’s go Red

For the third holiday season in a row, the CheerLights project is gearing up. The idea behind CheerLights is to show that we are all connected by synchronizing the color of lights around the world. Christmas lights are a staple around the holidays and with Internet-connected lights, the color of your lights matches the color of everyone else’s lights.

It has been a real treat watching this project evolve as more and more people add lights… and other things. Things like Android and iPhone apps that check the latest color of CheerLights, an old Commodore 64, and Christmas trees.

To control the lights around the world, send a Tweet mentioning @CheerLights and a color. The command is processed by ioBridge’s ThingSpeak platform and distributed to all of the lights listening to the CheerLights API.

@CheerLights I am dreaming of a White Christmas

Another powerful aspect of the CheerLights project is that is shows off what is possible with the emerging Internet of Things. With a single message sent via a social network like Twitter, 1000’s of objects around the world are in sync with each other. Lights are connected by many types of controllers, such as Arduino, ioBridge, Philips, and the Raspberry Pi. This project is only possible through the Internet and the coordination of developers around the world.

Learn how to join the project at CheerLights.com.

We are all connected…

[via ioBridge Blog]

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Ziggy Comic - Is It My Tweeting Toaster? #mytoaster #iot

On September 17th, I got a bunch of Facebook messages that said my Tweeting Toaster was now a Ziggy comic. :)

My Tweeting Toaster is a step in the self-aware direction for appliances. This Ziggy cartoon made me smile, but it also made me realize the inevitability of social objects and the Internet of Things and then Skynet. Hmm, and Ziggy was the name of the computer in Quantum Leap…

[via gocomics.com]